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Kirkus Reviews: RECOMMENDED

Riveting reading from start to finish.

Calcaterra narrates her story in the present tense, which adds a painful immediacy and urgency to an already gut-wrenching account. Yet never once does she flinch from the terrible truths with which she has lived and so courageously reveals here.”



“This true story of a woman surviving domestic abuse as a child, emancipating herself as a teenager, and then becoming a successful attorney is courageous and fascinating, written with a descriptive restraint that recalls moments of tragedy and perseverance with simplicity and subtlety.”

Written as a “story of the hope it took a community to raise a child.”

“Calcaterra concludes her story with the genuine sentiment that “we all have to believe. At the end of this unforgettable book, readers will.”

1st Amazon 5 Star Rating:

Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer A. Flynn: 5 STARS

“This is an amazing memoir…Powerful. Beautifully written. Could not put this book down!”

“If you liked, “The Glass Castle” and “Cruel Harvest” this book ranks up there with these two other memoirs that speak of courage and enduring love… Brilliant!”

“This book is about the strength of the human spirit, and the courage and love that the author… has in her heart and soul to be able to also tell this intense and horrific story, with wisdom love and compassion. It is heart wrenching and very intense….. but a VERY important story”

“…Regina’s voice is unique, strong and captivating. Her attention to detail within the stories is remarkable and her writing is impeccable.”

“She is a true hero. She beats all the odds, goes on to help others, and then writes this beautiful and captivating memoir. Thank you Regina.. You are a true survivor! And my new Hero!”

2nd Amazon 5 Star Rating:

Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer C. Yates: 5 STARS

“A marvelous read that you will not want to put down.”

This is a heart rendering true story….of the fight to survive and the strong bond of siblings knowing they are on their own.

3rd Amazon 5 Star Rating Vine Voice Reviewer:

“The writing is amazing.”

“This is a story that will encourage and inspire anyone. I highly recommend it”

4th Amazon 5 Star Rating Vine Voice Reviewer:

“Unbelievable and Heartbreaking”

“Written from the heart… uplifting”

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