The Smallest Kindness – Good News Christian News

It’s hard to glimpse the girl who described herself as a “bag of bones” in the self-assured, articulate woman behind the podium as she shares, “When I was growing up, only two percent of children in foster care would attend college.” She continues. “Today that percentage has risen to. . .three percent.” The numbers she cites are as familiar to Regina as her last name— the percentage of our prison population that were foster children, the odds of older children being adopted, the number of children who are the victims of neglect or abuse.

It is easy to understand the impact of a meal to someone who is starving but I’m not sure we give the same thought to the impact of a kind word or gesture to someone who is also starving but for hope, love and understanding. Regina’s story is a reminder that we can change the world for a child in foster care.


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