New York, NY: Author Talk & Q&A to Street Law Students




Regina will be speaking to New York City public school students who participate in the Street Law program hosted by AIG Investment’s. AIG Investment’s legal department participates in the Street Law program as one of their corporate social responsibility efforts.


Street Law develops classroom and grassroots programs that educate students and communities about law, democracy, and human rights. Some of Street Law’s initiatives bring the participants directly into classrooms and neighborhoods. However, the majority of Street Law’s efforts, include their popular professional development programs, which is focused on training others—individuals and organizations—to become effective Street Law educators. Street Law’s approach is practical, relevant, and experiential, blending legal content with innovative hands-on teaching strategies that actively engage students and program participants in the learning process.

By helping to improve the teaching of law and understanding of relevant legal principles, Street Law empowers youth and adults to use their knowledge to solve problems and better their communities, and motivates them to become active participants in society.

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