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Regina Calcaterra SpeakerRegina Calcaterra, New York Times bestselling author and public speaker, powerfully provides insight to her audience, by relating her own childhood experiences, how simple acts of encouragement and kindness can forever impact the life of a child in need. She compassionately reinforces that no child is a lost cause, and that the power of resilience and optimism can pull anyone through the toughest of times. By emphasizing the importance of education, she reminds us that, regardless of social status, there are enough resources available to rise above one’s circumstances.

“The event was fantastic!! The feedback from our attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, and Regina was the perfect speaker – poised, powerful, compelling, relatable, and moving. There were many tears in the room…she’s absolutely amazing.”

— Sabrina Martin, Soigné Events LLC, For The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
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Popular Topics

The Power of Resilience, Optimism and Self-Determination

Everlasting Impact of Small Acts of Kindness on a Child in Need

Overcoming Obstacles, including the obstacles of child hunger & poverty, abuse and homelessness.

Breaking Cycles, including the cycles of drug and alcohol addiction, abuse, poverty, homelessness and incarceration.

Schools and Libraries, including reminding educators and librarians that no child is a lost cause and reinforce to students that there are enough educational resources available in the US for a child to rise up and out of poverty as long as they are encouraged by caring adults along the way.

Resilience of Children, including their ability to cope and the power of sibling bonds.

Foster Care and Older Foster Child Adoption, including the challenges children in foster care face, necessity to keep siblings together, as well as the need of adoptive and forever families for foster children.

For more good topic ideas, see the list of themes on the Etched in Sand page.

Regina Calcaterra

Audience Response

“Regina Calcaterra’s life as expressed in Etched in Sand is heart-wrenching, breath taking and awe-inspiring. She speaks with transparency and truthfulness without sugar-coating or passively expressing what life was like. It was an evening that has galvanized further action in support of foster care.”

— Vicki Clark, SPECTRUM, Clarkson University

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that I attended Regina Calcaterra’s presentation last night! I was moved when I read Etched in Sand…but must say that hearing Regina in person was a compelling experience and the most inspiring presentation/program that I’ve experienced at Clarkson in my memory.”

— Clarkson University

“Each illuminated figure in Regina Calcaterra’s life brings us into intimate relationship with the author’s personal experience. We recognize how kind acts can be a beacon of hope, direction and support to a faceless human languishing on the fringes of society.”

— Maura Sweeney, Huffington Post

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