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Children’s Aid Society

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Regina recently spoke at the Children’s Aid Society regarding the critical role that child welfare professionals, foster parents and forever parents play in the life of a child in need. June 12, 2014.




Lacey Township High School Tribute to Etched in Sand

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Lacey Township High School first incorporated Etched in Sand into its curriculum in 2014 then in 2015 it had had over 300 high school students read it. Lacey Township High School educators said that Etched in Sand finally got students reading in earnest.

16 Weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List Nine months after its September debut on the New York Times Best Sellers list – Etched in Sand has returned to the New York Times Best Sellers list thanks to Etched in Sand’s readers moving forward its messages of optimism,…

Etched in Sand has been nominated for First-Year Experience. Every year college administrators and professors attend the First-Year Experience Conference which focuses on helping students throughout their first year of college – one aspect of First-Year Experience is the selection of a book for their entire freshman class to read.

CBS’ “Sunday Morning” explored the topic of Human Resilience, featuring Regina and the story that she has told in her New York Times’ Bestseller, Etched in Sand.

Regina Calcaterra overcame an incredibly difficult upbringing where she moved from foster home to foster home and lived in a station wagon. Calcaterra kept her difficult upbringing to herself for many years until she realized it was a source of strength rather than shame. Calcaterra recently was appointed by Governor…

Inside Edition documents Regina’s childhood, in a report that features Middle Country Public Library in Centereach, N.Y., where she spent much of her time during her youth reading, learning and beginning to pave her way from poverty to success.

WCBS Radio profiles Regina and Etched in Sand, noting: “Regina Calcaterra Hopes Memoir Gives Voice To Disadvantaged Kids.” Read and hear the report.

Regina appeared on CBS’ “The Couch” program to discuss Etched in Sand, and her challenged childhood.  

One of Regina’s goals in writing Etched in Sand was to raise awareness of the challenges faced by older foster children, that they are adoptable and of You Gotta Believe! Newsweek/Daily Beast has already helped with this goal. Read here about The Case for Older Foster Children.