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In response to Etched in Sand’s unwavering momentum, HarperCollins Publishing recently announced Regina Calcaterra’s next book that will be released in October 2016.

Calcaterra’s next book chronicles the journey of her youngest sister Rosie Maloney after their abusive and alcoholic mother removed her from a foster home in New York and unwillingly dragged Rosie all the way to Idaho—far away from her older sisters who had watched over her. Without her older sisters protecting her, Rosie’s journey was one of isolation. She had to rely upon her own strength as she learned how to navigate the treacherous landscape of an abusive parent and other unforeseen dangers, while also being forced to labor as a farm hand beginning at the age of ten. Like Etched in Sand, Rosie’s story is one of hope, resilience, perseverance and how acts of kindness towards children in need can forever impact them.

Since Etched in Sand’s release it has been integrated into the curriculums of colleges, high schools and middle schools nationwide and has been selected for college and community reads. Educators have also developed teaching guides for Etched in Sand which can be viewed here.

Read the full announcement from Harper Collins.

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